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Forest Convoy
Forest Convoy.png
  • Kill Nazis; get rich

Forest Convoy is an outlaw raid in RAID : WWII. An outlaw raid is not sanctioned by Mrs White or Control and focuses on gathering gold to line the pockets of the commandos.


The intel you found revealed that an enterprising German officer is using a regular supply convoy to smuggle gold out of the country. You've arranged for the Resistance to block the route with a stolen train. All you need to do is find the gold and escape in the confusion.

This is an Outlaw RAID, unsanctioned by Mrs. White or Control. Any gold you can liberate' will be yours to keep.



  • You start in a train car, together with the rest of the gang. The enemy already knows you're here, so pack big guns.
  • It's best to split up your team. Three go hunting for gold, one goes to secure the truck and drive it over by the freight train. Ideally, the bed should be positioned so that you can just chuck the gold bar through the train car into it. Failing that, the driver should catch the gold and pack it into the truck.
  • The gold is inside the supply trucks, which tend to blow up, scattering the gold bars. There's a total of 20 gold bars to find and the Nazis will try to make your life difficult. Fortunately, these aren't crates from Trainwreck, so you sprint and move as normal.
  • After packing the gold, move out. If a spotter drops a flare, ignore it, as it creates a useful artillery screen. Drive down the road (waypoints point out which way to go), with the rest of the team covering you against Nazis spawning on tops of the rocks.
  • There are up to three checkpoints on the road. Use your mates to open them. At the end of the road the landing craft awaits. Depending on whether it spawns to the right or the left, your approach differs.
    • If it spawns on the left, park the truck so that it provides cover, then unload the truck, chucking gold towards the boat. One guy packs it onto the boat. Everyone shoots the throngs of Nazis.
    • If it spawns on the right, you can squeeze the truck along the rocks to the left and drive down to the beach, reducing the travel and packing time substantially.
  • There are mines placed on the road. They appear as small mounds of dirt that look out of place. They can deal great damage to players or the truck, but shooting them several times can detonate them from a distance.