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Gold Rush
Gold Rush.png
  • Enter the Treasury's vault
  • Retrieve the gold
  • Bring the gold to the Resistance
  • Escape

Gold Rush is a raid in RAID : WWII.


The whole Raid operation is strictly off-the-books, and financing the gang requires a lot of "creative accountancy". Much of this involves gold. As it happens, the Nazis are storing a large amount of it in a nearby Treasury. Head there. Sabre Squadron will blast open its vault. Your job is to simply get in and steal the gold. The Resistance will help you get it out.



Enter the Treasury's vault
  • You immediately begin the mission under fire, so there's no time to lose. Be sure to bring at least one long-range rifle for taking out snipers and at least two players (otherwise carrying the gold out is an exercise in frustration). To enter the vault you'll need to locate a FlaK 36 88mm anti-aircraft gun and load it up with shells, then blow up the doors.
  • Doing this as soon as possible is preferable, as you're vulnerable to snipers and other enemies while outside.
  • To open the vault, you'll need to enter the bank and shoot out the skylight, then set the flags on fire, and signal Sabre squadron to bomb the roof of the vault. Then just wait for them to open it. The upper floor offices make for good choke points to kill Nazis at a negligible cost to yourself.
Retrieve the gold
  • Now comes the hard part. You'll need to grab bold and find a Kubelwagen to ferry it in. The Kubelwagen is outside, so best grab and park it before the entrance to reduce footwork (the vault door is blown open, so you don't have to detour through offices).
  • The carrying capacity of the car is just eight crates, so don't bother carrying more than that (unless you're particularly stubborn, then you can empty the vault by going to and from the Treasury).
Bring the gold to the Resistance
  • The final part of the mission includes you ramming out through the fence and racing down the streets of Berlin with the stolen gold. Drive carefully, as you'll be pestered by snipers and shooters. The last 80 or so meters will have to be on foot, so grab the crates and haul them. This is why this mission is best undertaken with at least two players, otherwise it's eight trips in total.
  • You do it under constant fire from snipers and artillery spotters, so it's useful to have one player on overwatch. Once you haul at least four crates into the plane, you can extract by interacting with the propeller.


  • Dog tags are typically found on:
    • Plants, hanging from branches or lying by them
    • Bookcases, on the shelves
    • Underneath benches
    • Railings
    • Iron fences
    • Eagle statue
    • Counter in the teller area