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Odin's Fall
Odin's Fall.png
  • Gain entrance to the flakturm
  • Use the gas regulators to fill the Odin with explosive gas
  • Detonate the gas with flak guns
  • Escape

Odin's Fall is a mission in RAID: World War II.


Dr. Maximillian Reinhardt, the lead scientist of the SS Special Weapons program, is in Berlin. After a botched attempt to kill him in Peenemünde, he has become a paranoid recluse, and never leaves his personal airship. This airship, the Odin, is docked for refueling at the top of the Berlin Zoo flakturm. Go there. Use the flakturms's refueling system to destroy the Odin, and kill Dr. Reinhardt.



Gain entrance to the flakturm
  • This mission can go two ways: Silent and loud. You begin at one of the canal exits, undetected by the Nazis. The stealth approach includes sneaking towards one of the bunkers and lockpicking the doors (a level 3 lock), then moving either through the door or across the gas pipes into the flakturm front yard. If you manage to evade detection, then you can lockpick the entry door (another level 3 lock) and gain access.
  • Going loud is, well, going loud. Since the bunkers will lock down and the flakturm will shut its blast door, you will first need to gather gas canisters and place them on the parapet of a vulnerable, door-equipped bunker and shoot them once four are gathered. After 60 seconds, ze Germans will flood out and you'll be able to access the courtyard via the above mentioned means. The primary difference is that you will need to use your dynamite to blow open the entrance, forcing you to improvise.
Use the gas regulators to fill the Odin with explosive gas
  • The interior is cramped, but offers lots of cover for you and the Nazis. You'll need to activate three gas terminals (one on each floor) to get the gas flowing. Stealth is the easiest option, as the Germans will not interfere with the gas flow. If you fight your way through, you'll have to defend each valve for about 60 seconds, then break them off. The Nazis will try to close the flow and if they do, you'll have to restart it.
Detonate the gas
  • This depends on whether you accessed the flakturm stealthily or not. If you managed to avoid notice and conserve your dynamite, you'll just have to place dynamite on five vulnerable pipes, then throw the switch to get the gas flowing, giving you 60 seconds to get out of Dodge before the flakturm and the zeppelin go up. If you forced your way in, you'll have to use the three Flak 38 88mm emplacements to shoot the zeppelin. The catch? You need to use three different guns and load them with ammo first. The steel containers are randomly placed, as are the guns.
  • Simple enough, escape via one of three canal exits. The catch? If your exit is down the right-hand street (not near the machine park), you'll likely have a Tiger I waiting for you. Hugging up against its armor until your team is with you is the best way to avoid becoming mincemeat.


  • Mostly standard and elite troops, with an infrequent spawn in the form of the flame trooper (highly dangerous in the confined corridors of the flakturm).